Jun 01, 2022

Recruiting Mastery Workshop Testimonials

Article by Gordon Hoo Academy Category

I am starting to love the first 10 minutes of the workshop, which is the sharing of feedback session, as I get to learn from other strong leaders’, their mindsets & leadership skills. Not forgetting the mistakes made too, which have raised my awareness & have helped me to minimise or prevent them.

You shared that one of the feedback came from a strong leader & indeed, her train of thought was insightful & great, …

I realised that attending workshops like this, not only changed my mindset, but widened my perspectives to know more about this industry’s problems too.

Tan Siewyin
finexis advisory, Singapore
Branch Director


I am delighted to share that after applying what I have learned in this workshop, I am starting to get more engagement with my recruitment prospects. At the same time, they have also been more willing to discuss how journeying alongside me and my team will be like in the life insurance industry …

All in all, the sessions have been great & superb. I am simply amazed by how much I have learned from you.

Edwin Tey
AXA, Malaysia
Unit Manager


I like the fact that your approach towards recruitment is very real, direct, logical it paints a long-term big picture in recruitment talk.

“Don’t chase talent, attract talent”, is still a quote deeply ingrained in my mind after attending the Book Study Workshop.

Carmen Phang
Prudential, Malaysia
Wealth Planner