Hello! We are glad that you are here. Are you an aspiring manager? You began this career as a salesperson in the insurance industry. You worked hard, trained hard and excelled as an insurance agent. Now you are embarking on the path of management. You probably feel that you are entering a new territory with some apprehension. Surely you would welcome some guidance, training, and advice.

Or you are already a manager, albeit a struggling one. However, you soon discovered that you really need a different set of skills from that of an agent. You realised that your success is now measured very differently from being an agent. Your responsibilities have widened and deepened to include not just yourself but your team.

Whether you are an aspiring manager or a current manager, you have come to the right place to get training, coaching and mentoring to prepare you or enable you to become the manager that leads, inspires and builds up a thriving and enduring team.

Where do you begin?

Recruitment. It is the life blood of a manager. Without recruitment, you do not have a team. Without a team, you are not a manager. Yet even before you rush out to recruit, you need to prepare your mind and heart to recruit. This mindset shift from an agent to a manager is foundational to being a successful manager for longevity.

Once your mind and heart are prepared, you need the effective skills to recruit. Recruitment is complex but so essential. The sooner you hone your recruitment skills the better you are set to build your agency.

Strong agency is not only about bringing the people in, but it is about keeping them in. Retention is the twin sister to Recruitment. You need both skills to confidently stride out in your management career.

At Gordon Hoo Academy, we understand. We developed the full suite of programmes to train, develop and empower managers and leaders. It is called AMPLE which stands for Agency Management Plus Leadership Empowerment. There are 5 pillars in this suite: Management, Recruitment, Retention, Production and Leadership.

For starters, we recommend AMPLE Essentials to set you in the right direction. It is a bundle of 3 programmes, namely Book Study Workshop, Recruiting Mastery Workshop and Start It Right.

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AMPLE Pillars

With a firm foundation of recruitment and retention systems, you have half the battle won. The other half rests in the remaining pillars you need, to complete and advance your goals and skills in agency building.

An agent stays when he earns. This is a reality in this line of business. As a manager, it is essential to pick up skills needed to train and motivate your agents in salesmanship and raise your agency production. Sustainable, repeatable systems and processes are keys to consistent high achievement in sales. Not only will you acquire the mindset and skillset, you will also receive the heart and attitude for ethical selling and relationship with your clients. Check out what we have installed for you in the Production pillar for you and your agents.

Management skills and leadership development are like cornerstones in the whole agency building. Advance to Management and Leadership pillars for a complete and holistic development as true manager and leader. Building an agency requires skills and knowledge. It is not a walk in the park. Avail yourself for the width and depth of professional training specific to your role as a manager in the insurance industry in our Management and Leadership pillars.

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AMPLE Coaching

If you have come this far, through our AMPLE programmes, you are truly equipped and empowered with the right heart and mind for ethical and skillful action in building and developing your own agency. Congratulations!

Agency is a dynamic and ever-evolving organisation. It is like a living organism. It can renew itself, grow or die. Team synergy, winning culture and positive energy take time to build and can be disrupted or destroyed by weak leadership. Hence, a true leader is one who is humble and wants to be held accountable for his actions.

Here we provide the opportunity for managers to enter a mentor-mentee relationship with our coaches. AMPLE Coaching enables the managers to receive constant supervision, encouragement, and real-time advice to the situations they face in their agencies.

AMPLE Coaching is more than training or skills development, it is about guarding the heart and spirit of the manager. Agencies are only as good as the managers and leaders that run them. It rises and falls upon the leadership of their managers.

Find out more in our AMPLE Coaching programme for life-long learning and mentoring.

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AMPLE Community

At Gordon Hoo Academy, we want to encourage giving back to the industry. True leaders understand this. We hope that you will join us with other like-minded leaders to share and bring the best practices to their agencies and ultimately to the industry.

How do we hope to do that? Join us at our AMPLE Forum, participate in our monthly “Go Live with Gordon”, and spread the word when you receive good stuff from us. We need to build a right culture of best practices. Check out our Events that promote community learning and giving back.

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