Start It Right (SIR)

3 sessions

SIR is a workshop designed to teach manager the systems to train their new agent’s in the first 90 days of their career.


The first 90 days of a new agent’s career is the most critical. It spells out the habits and working lifestyle of the new recruit. It is the season that new agents either make it, or break it. Now that you have recruited new agents, is the company’s training sufficient to help your agents kick-start their career? Do you have a proper structure or system to ensure consistency and discipline in activities?

It is also the third workshop of the 3 part series in our AMPLE Essentials.


This SIR programme is not just a training session. No motivational speech is required because practising the skills taught in the workshop automatically makes new agents motivated & inspired.

Ria Dessy Wanty

Prudential, Indonesia

Associate Agency Director

It is a very detailed learning session on how to keep agents doing their activities consistently & preventing them from being "MIA" (Missing In Action).

Evy Tjahyono

Prudential, Indonesia

Agency Director

Through the programme, I learned how to roleplay with case studies by getting the new agent to first present the case. We will lay out the context, which is the background of the prospective client, such as their age, family, job, thoughts & problems, before proceeding to solve & find an approach to the case together.

Yuliana Luk

Prudential, Indonesia

Prudential, Agency Director