Morphosis Camp (Malaysia)

SGD 1,000.00SGD 1,100.00

4 Days 3 Nights
4 - 7 May 2023

Morphosis Camp, 4day-3night camp is designed to be attended by teams. Each team consists of a facilitator and 4-6 members.

Location: Bayu Beach Resort Port Dickson

Please note that this camp is best experienced in a team.

Before you purchase the tickets, please read the programme description carefully.

Click the following link for the brochure: Morphosis Brochure

Registration closes on 15 April, 2359h.



This listing is solely for the upcoming camp in Malaysia.

Registration closes on 15 April, 2359h.

(Do look out for a follow-up email after your order within 3-5 working days.)

This is a camp designed to be attended with a team. Henceforth, do form your desired group size before purchasing the camp tickets.

Group Size Options:
• 1 Facilitator + 4 Members
• 1 Facilitator + 5 Members
• 1 Facilitator + 6 Members

Please note that this camp is best experienced in a team.
If you’re keen to join as an individual, please read the FAQs at the bottom of the description carefully,
and select “Individual without Group” when purchasing.
The camp has different dates and pricing for the two categories of participants – Facilitator and Members.

Information for Members

Dates: 4 – 7 May 2023 (4day-3night)

Usual Price: SGD1000/pax

Information for Facilitators

The Facilitator is the key person to ensure the success of the camp for every member of his team. It is, therefore, of paramount importance that he is trained well for his role throughout the camp. All facilitators are required to come a day earlier for such training. The training includes leadership and facilitation skills needed in the camp.

As such, facilitators attend a 5day-4night camp and pay an additional SGD100 for the day. 

Dates: 3 – 7 May 2023 (5day-4night)

Usual Price: SGD1100/pax


‘Morphosis’ is Gordon Hoo Academy’s flagship life-transforming programme designed to nurture the right attitude and heart in an individual towards life, family and career.

Created by our Founder, Gordon Hoo, he has been conducting this camp since 2002 to over hundreds of thousands of participants from across the pacific region such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hongkong.

Morphosis is a carefully curated experiential camp that aims to transform the mind and heart of the participants that results in visible lasting change in desired attitude and behavior, as powerful and amazing as the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

This prime programme brings the participant to a true awareness and honest assessment of himself and his circumstances, and leads him through a series of activities and engagements to achieve personal breakthroughs. Self-awareness and personal breakthroughs are the twin foremost keys to transforming and building one’s quality of life and wealth. It epitomizes the core of agency building.

Through Morphosis, individuals will emerge to become a better versions of themselves — a better son, husband and father, a better daughter, wife and mother, and a better agent, manager, and person. Through Morphosis, agencies emerge to become dynamic and productive with a great culture of cooperation and collaboration.

Morphosis is an experiential camp. It works magic not just for an individuals’s transformation but, more profoundly and powerfully, for the team too. In the process, an individual is transformed, a leader is developed, and the team is built up. It is the only camp that does 3-in-1 amazingly well.

Morphosis is a 4day-3night stay-in camp, usually conducted in a resort hotel. Participants are usually made up of agency managers with their team and/or candidates, agents with their clients, and families.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I come alone as an individual participant without a group?
This camp is best experienced in a team.

Please be advised to form your own group, otherwise:
    • We will try out best to put you in a group at our discretion.
    • In case there is no suitable group, you will be attending as an observer.
    • There will be no refunds.

When purchasing a ticket for the camp, select “Individual without Group”.

2. After purchasing the tickets, I realised I cannot make it for the camp dates. Can I get a refund?

All tickets sold are non-refundable. However, we can hold your ticket for the next available camp.

3. Can I give my tickets to someone else as I cannot make it for the camp?
Tickets are transferable. If you will like to change the ticket holder to someone else, kindly email us at All changes are to be finalised 2 weeks before the camp. Any changes will not be allowed once we finalise all registrations.


Being in this business for over 40years and with 36years of life MDRT, I would have seen it all. Yet in this camp, I am brought back to many fundamental life lessons – responsibility, teamwork, and family relationships. The activities are wonderfully crafted to enable the valuable lessons to stay in my heart. Morphosis gives the motivation and tools to communicate with people important in your life, to clear misunderstanding and ultimately heal relationships. Heart and relationships are what is needed to sustain our goals and achievements. Morphosis brings me back to all the important truths of taking responsibility, facing obstacles and having a heart of gratitude always.

Marilou Romero


Chairman, Insular Life

Morphosis is well designed with every lesson and activity intricately woven to deliver her objectives powerfully and effectively. Goal-setting takes on a new dimension and clarity. I learnt more than just setting my goals, I learnt to sustain the goal through obstacles and changing circumstances. All the lessons and values gained in the camp are applicable not only in my business but also to other areas of my life. Morphosis is truly life-changing. In such a short time, I could find the missing jigsaw puzzle in my life that has been eluding me for the longest time.

Christine Boo


Senior Financial Consultant, Prudential

Morphosis takes you through a journey of realistic assessment of yourself and life. There is no sugar-coated motivation of how great a person you are or can be. Rather, by facing the truth about your ever-present weakness within, you become vigilant and take 100% responsibility to manage it. Great achievements and relationships always begin with taking 100% responsibility personally. Morphosis, through its unique programmes, created many moments for reflections and internalizations, leading to even more personal “AHA” moments of self- and team-discoveries. Morphosis emphasizes the need for congruency in life, work and family without which everything in one’s life will eventually fall apart. Other programmes are done in a lecture style with little impact and a lot of boredom. Morphosis is so different. The lessons, activities, even the place work together to successfully create a very refreshing and impactful camp.

Michelle Lambino


Training Officer, Insular Life

I am a firm believer of goal setting and have done very well for myself in my career with the practice of setting and achieving goals. However, in Morphosis camp, goal setting takes me into a different dimension and trajectory. Goal setting is never seen as an isolated exercise in my life anymore. It’s intricately connected to my heart and people around me. That’s the lasting power to achieve the goals. Morphosis allows me to deeply appreciate other’s contributions in my life – the truly importance of teamwork. The lesson and activities are designed to drive home the truth of teamwork and how to keep them thriving. The lessons stay in my heart, character and behaviour are changed to align with the values formed at the camp. It is a truly life-transforming camp. 

Shawn Khaw Tzi Wei


Unit Manager, Prudential

I am at a loss for words. Morphosis Camp made me realise so many things and it is slowly changing me from the inside. This camp is a MUST have in Philippines. It is a NEED because if we are expecting different results, we must start by changing how we do things. Otherwise, it will just be a cycle where we will still get the same results. This camp is unconventional because there is not a second that is wasted. This camp focuses on the heart, which is so unlike the usual camps that are just general and motivational. Morphosis has helped me to uncover hidden and very deep issues. It is an experiential camp and the participation of every individual makes a lot of impact. I now have a different (and better) perspective on leadership, and this encompasses so many aspects, which include leading with a heart, selflessness and discipline. A leader must be a good example and must walk the talk.

Jen Laigo


Leader Transformation Lead, AXA

Morphosis Camp is one of the most impactful, eye and heart opening, not to mention the best learning experience that has ever happened to me.

Setiawan Nurjtatua


Agency Director, Prudential

This workshop has set a change to the whole new meaning of workshops. No one comes close in my 20 years of attending workshops, seminars or motivational talks. I learned who I truly am. I have regained my belief, passion & peace.

Lise Lee


Agency Director, Prudential

Through this camp, I managed to find myself back. My managers & agents also gave their heart in this camp where we resolved all misunderstandings. We managed to know one another better through this camp, & this resulted in greater unity and bond. This is an essential camp for agencies who want to build & increase their members' relationship & spirit!

Goh Bee Lan