AMPLE 2023 FORUM (21 Sept 2023)

SGD 49.00

2:00 PM - 5:30 PM (SGT)
21 September 2023

Our annual AMPLE FORUM is back!

ZOOM Webinar format.

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Running into our third consecutive year, we are proud to announce our theme –  Impossible Leadership: Redefining Boundaries, Embracing Extraordinary Achievements.

Are you an aspiring manager or a struggling one? What is your deepest desire? Is it to become a top recruiter, a MDRT builder or having the largest agency force in your company or even in the industry? What do you need to have in you to realize your dream? Not all managers are leaders, but all great managers possess impossible leadership. Does it sound impossible to you?

AMPLE 2023 Forum focuses on Impossible Leadership – made possible for YOU!

At this year’s forum, we are bringing to you great inspirations and stories of ordinary man and woman’s journey of leadership growth from mediocre to impossible level of success, worthy of your emulation. They have natural weaknesses just like you, but they have overcome their natural limitations and outward challenges, redefined their boundaries of possibilities, and brought out the impossible leadership in themselves.

Impossible Leadership is made possible for you by our 3 amazing speakers who will generously share with you their growth points, their pains, and their breakthroughs. You will find yourself in their stories.

These are the questions of many managers. Are these your questions too?

  1. How to build a team with multiple MDRTs, COTs and TOT achievers?
  2. How to grow a team of millennials who can achieve MDRT within 2 years?
  3. How to create and drive robust systems for a Million Dollar Agency?
  4. How to sustain productivity and increase it year after year?

Gracing our event will be 3 speakers, who will be answering your questions above. They will share generously on their tried-and-tested methods, no holds barred!


Leadership and MDRT Achievement (Mr Subhas Nathan)

Impossible Leadership is about embracing challenges that may initially seem insurmountable or unattainable. Invited speaker, Mr Subhas Nathan is an experienced MDRT speaker and mentor to multiple MDRTs, COTs and TOT achievers. He will be sharing on his strategies and approaches that continually drives his team to achieve remarkable results.


Leadership and Agency Excellence (Ms Adeline Yap)

Impossible Leadership is about having resilience and a tenacious spirit that inspire transformational experiences in our teams. Invited speaker, Ms Adeline Yap heads a Million Dollar Agency and is also a builder and driver of robust systems in her agency. She will be sharing on her ‘stepping stones’ to success that empowers her team to think big, take risks and accomplish the extraordinary.


Leadership and Sustainability (Mr Gordon Hoo)

Impossible Leadership is about going beyond personal achievements to create a ripple of positive impact on those around us. Master coach, Mr Gordoo Hoo is a seasoned and well-received international speaker who had dedicated his life to empower insurance agency leaders. He will be sharing on the broader implications of leadership, such as sustainability and leaving a lasting legacy.


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