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Gordon Hoo Consultancy

Every issue of life flows from the heart. This unchangeable truth undergirds the philosophy and work of Gordo Hoo Consultancy Private Limited.

Its training arm, GH Academy, and consultancy practice are distinctively focused on insurance agency leadership and management, aspiring to raise strong leaders, managers, and agents with guarded hearts so that they may lead, inspire and provide for their families, friends, colleagues and all who matter to them.

Its primary mission is to guide in the transformation of individuals, and in turn, they may – with clarity, consistency and commitment, transform their agencies for enduring growth and success.

Conducted across the region and reaching hundreds of thousands of participants, GH’s wide-ranging programmes are specifically designed to highlight time-tested principles, strategies, and tactics that effectively build agency, through the central aspects of recruitment, retention and production. These programmes are delivered both on a large-scale basis, and with GH’s trademark engaging and effective coaching and mentoring system. A 3-day signature camp, the “Morphosis”, crowns GH’s comprehensive portfolio of training seminars, coaching classes, workshops and camps.

Our Mission

Bring the Best Practices to agency management and leadership in the industry.


Empower agency managers to become True Leaders that lead, manage and inspire their agents with a heart.


Shape agency managers and leaders into dynamic and effective Agency Builders by transforming their mindset.


Transform the industry culture into a supporting and inspiring community for agency managers and leaders.


Our Vision

To bring the best practices of Agency Building to the Agency Managers so as to
raise the standard of the agency, thereby raising the standard of the industry.



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Corporate Engagements

Corporate seminars are always efficient and effective means of communicating corporate culture, goals and objectives. Kick-off seminar at the beginning of the year fires up your managers and agents for a roaring start in the right direction. Mid-year review paces them to stay focused on their goals and objectives. The Final Sprint empowers them to finish the year with a blast! With his vast experience in the financial industry, Gordon is often engaged by corporations across the region to speak in such events and more. To date, he has conducted over 500 talks for companies.

To engage him for your corporate event, kindly reach out to us using our Contact Us form.

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17 February 2022

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