About Gordon Hoo Consultancy

Clarity, Consistency and
Commitment for Enduring Success

Every issue of life flows from the heart.
This unchangeable truth undergirds the philosophy and work of
Gordon Hoo Consultancy Private Limited (GH).

Its training arm, GH Academy, and consultancy practice are distinctively focused on insurance agency leadership and management, aspiring to raise up strong leaders – agents, managers – with guarded hearts so that they may lead, inspire, and provide for their families, friends, colleagues and all who matter to them.


About Gordon Hoo Consultancy


To bring the best practices of Agency Building to the Agency Managers
so as to raise the standard of the agency, thereby raising the standard of the industry.


About Gordon Hoo Consultancy


Gordon Hoo Consultancy aims to:

• Bring the Best Practices to agency management and leadership in the industry

• Empower agency managers to become True Leaders that lead, manage & inspire their agents with a heart

• Shape agency managers & leaders into dynamic & effectiveAgency Builders by transforming their mindset

• Transform the industry culture into a supporting & inspiringCommunity for agency managers & leaders

Morphosis Camp

Morphosis is a carefully curated 4days-3nights experiential camp that aims to transform the mind and heart of the participants that results in visible lasting change in desired attitude and behavior.

AMPLE Coaching

AMPLE Coaching is a monthly coaching by Gordon Hoo where he will walk the agency building journey with you by fine-tuning your management and leadership skills, attitude and discipline.


AMPLE Forum is a yearly event, specially created and crafted for the agency managers and leaders. It is an event for the gathering of managers and leaders to inspire and learn best practices from each other, so as to raise the standard of the agency, and thereby raising the standard of the industry.


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February 7, 2023
Morphosis Camp (Indonesia)

Morphosis Camp (Indonesia) - A transformational camp that nurtures the right attitude and heart in an individual towards life, family and career.



What Our Clients Say

Recruiting Mastery Workshop I am delighted to share that after applying what I have learned in this workshop, I am starting to get more engagement with my recruitment prospects. At the same time, they have also been more willing to discuss how journeying alongside me and my team will be like in the life insurance […]

Edwin Tey
Unit Manager
AXA, Malaysia

Book Study Workshop This workshop gave me a new perspective & mindset on recruitment. The hearttruths shared in the book & the workshop really opened up my mind. I am grateful to have attended this workshop & to have learned the things shared. I strongly encourage, & will definitely invite others to join in & […]

Ferawaty Tionardi
Agency Director
Prudential, Indonesia

Book Study Workshop The Recruitment for Insurance Agency Building is a must-read book. For managers who want to understand why they don’t succeed in recruitment; this book will reveal the right mindset that will help the manager embrace recruitment. My managers who have attended the book study workshop series have found each session mind-blowing. They […]

Mary Ann Uy Ching
Executive Branch Head
AXA, Philippines

Start It Right All I knew were roleplays about phone call scripts, presentations, objection & trial closing. Through the programme, I learned how to roleplay with case studies by getting the new agent to first present the case. We will lay out the context, which is the background of the prospective client, such as their […]

Yuliana Luk
Agency Director
Prudential, Indonesia

Start small. Dream big. Grow deep.